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“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”  – John Lennon

I’m always in a hurry.  I want things to happen yesterday, and when they don’t I get frustrated and unhappy.  I have been aware of this shortcoming of mine for a long time without having been completely successful in changing my level of expectation.  But, I do have succeeded in tampering it quite a bit.  And I believe I’m close to the finish line to living in the moment and letting go of results.  And that is what I want to share.

In my journey I first realized four things:

  • When our eyes are only on the “prize” we miss out on the incredible rewards and lessons we acquire while trying to achieve our goal.  We forget that our goals may shift, or that we may never achieve what we set ourselves out to do.  If that is the case – and we didn’t appreciate the journey, all we’ll be left with is failure.
  • When our eyes are only on the “prize” we miss out on many opportunities that present themselves along the way simply because we are looking up ahead.  We might even miss out on doors that would take us to greater fulfillment than the path we are on.
  • When our eyes are only on the “prize” we tend to drown in the difficulties of achievement.  Without the energy boots of appreciating a helping hand along the way or a new personal discovery, we might run out of gas and never get to where we want to go.
  • Next I realized it would take time to change what I had intellectually learned.  We are creatures of habit, and once a behavior mechanism is settled, it takes diligent effort in order to change.

So on a daily basis I started reminding myself to:

  • Let go of control – The truth is that none of us have complete control of our lives.  Our existence is about interaction.  To every action there is a reaction and most often we don’t know what that will be.  I built my self-esteem to feel strong enough to let myself go and experience life as it presents itself. I let go of control.
  • Be in the moment – Being present allows us to draw satisfaction from daily efforts and interchanges.  We draw contentment from the small victories along the way.   It also keeps us alert to possibilities we had not considered when we started on our journey.
  • Let go of results – If we don’t accomplish exactly what we set ourselves out to do, what lessons did we learn?  Will these lessons be essential as I embark on new journeys?  How have I changed as I person?  If I can’t recognize any acquired wisdom and contentment, I’m only left with failure.
  • Keep things fresh – If we are only thinking of results, life becomes a grind.  But if we do different things on a regular basis, we’ll keep life interesting and ourselves energized.

Most importantly, I remind myself being attached to the result, keeps me imprisoned in a self-created jail where I’m my own abuser.

Do the best you can today and appreciate your journey.  If you do that, achieving all your lofty goals will not be so important because you will be busy appreciating today.  Your life will also be surprising and exciting.  Who would not want that?

Happy Saturday!

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