Want To Stop Violence? Start With Yourself

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Yesterday, I was sent a very graphic video of the atrocities being committed in Bahrain.   The video was 10 minutes long, but I have to confess I had to stop half way into it.  I have no interest in sharing the details of the video.  It suffices to say it was real and it was close up.

My first reaction was to think how silly I am to have created The Love Project Inc. as a forum to inspire myself and others to lead lives with greater honesty, courage and love.

Watching this video, the images of violence and horror sobered me to a world that has never been part of mine, but which is alive and well, and with consequences affecting all of us.  In that moment I thought; no more Love Project.   It is a naïve attempt in front of such powerful destruction.

I then realized I was not going to get on a plane and go to Bahrain, or Libya, or Afghanistan or any part of the world where war and violence rages.  Nor did I truly understand how can a man kill and maim another with such viciousness.  But what I do know is how to work through my own conflicts and shortcomings and share my journey with others.  I also know how to keep reminding myself and others of a way of life that is more inspired by kindness than by violence.  And maybe we can create a powerful community where our sense of value – love and compassion – would spread to other worlds.

I am reminded of a quote I read some time ago by Buckminster Fuller, the famous architect, poet and philosopher: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”  So while I can’t stand in front of a gun to try to make its bullets stop, I can try to help create a world where flying bullets are not part of it.  Will you help me?  It starts with each one of us.

Happy Passover.  Happy Easter.

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2 Responses to “Want To Stop Violence? Start With Yourself”
  1. PsyLifeDoc says:

    Hello, I came across your website today and really appreciate your thoughts and insights. Starting with ourselves is a great way to go, and yet I can also appreciate your experience of feeling that theloveproject was a naive attempt. Thankfully, it seems you were able to move past that reaction and realize that theloveproject can make a difference.

    • Thanks for posting. I do realize there is great power in investing in self-knowledge. It results in love for one self and others. It also inspires others to do the same. That’s huge.