Reacting To Osama Bin Laden

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Much has been discussed about the explosive commemorations that broke out in different parts of our country.  Defenders say it was and it is a natural response to ten years of pent up anger and despair. Others say it brought a sense of completion; “Mission accomplished.” While others suggest patriotism is the core reason.

I understand all of it, but think happiness and excitement might be misguided reactions as a response to death.  By doing so we miss out on the significance of closure and death.  I am by no means saying this man shouldn’t have been hunted down.  But what the death of Osama Bin Laden brings home is how human beings can be filled with so much hatred and destruction that causes others to have to destroy them.

There will always be individuals who are mentally imbalanced and whose goal is to promote destruction.  There is nothing we can do about that.  But what we can do is help stop others from following such people. I believe that people who feel part of a family, society and world would not so easily hate and kill others.  More communication between peoples would also help in stopping individuals who manipulate information from getting their followers. Maybe I’m being naïve and let’s say I am, but wouldn’t our world still be a better place if you and I behaved with more compassion, empathy and understanding?

I didn’t lose anybody in the 9/11 attacks, so I can’t for sure know how I would be feeling today.  But I hope I would know to make peace with my loss and let the anger pass me by.  I would also hope I would be able to transform my pain into wisdom and service.  And I hope I would be able to make a distinction between paper thin revenge and deep reflection on how it all came to be.

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