The Transformative Power Of Silence

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Below is a lovely piece by Amy Chavez on the significance of silence.

Amy lives in a tiny island in Japan, and because of the nuclear disaster, she is now living through rolling blackouts.  But what she talks about is how much we can learn to hear when we are actually in silence.

I have made my living by being plugged in.  I have spent a great amount of time online, on the phone, or talking.  I have always liked being social and being needed.  All the running around has given me a sense of purpose.  But, some years ago a shift started to take place.  I started to turn loneliness into solitude and reflection. Maybe it was age, loss or maybe even wisdom.  The point is I started to crave the quiet because in it I found myself.

In the absence of noise,  I was able to hear my true voice and in silence I was able to befriend myself.  And then a wonderful thing happened on my path to self-knowledge; I became strong and clear.

Silence gives us the opportunity to become centered in our own lives.  It’s like having the chance to step on the brakes and ask yourself what do I really want?  Silence gives us the opportunity to chart our own course instead of just following others and situations.

I’m still very plugged in – you can ask anybody who knows me – but I try to balance the gadgets and the running with sitting in my yard and looking at all the green I’m blessed to have around me.

No matter how ambitions you are, a life of noise and stress only brings a burn-out.  Carve silence and you’ll see how much you can improve the experience of living just by being.


By Amy Chavez

The rolling blackouts in Tokyo mean interruptions in watching TV, running computers, stereos and electric heaters, not to mention recharging cell phones and electronics. While some have suggested that the rolling blackouts will merely reconfirm the need for nuclear power in this country with so few natural resources, I wonder if the blackouts could create a backlash…Continued

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