Small Actions With The Power To Change The World

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A couple of weeks ago, I posted about a documentary I had seen; Waste Land. One of my points of discussion was how clearly the documentary showed that anything can happen to anyone.  I don’t think that was the focus of the film, but none the less it told the story of a garbage picker who through meeting and participating in an artist’s work, ended up going to London for an auction, being featured in a commercial campaign for Coca Cola and shaking hands with environmentalists.  It was a great example of life’s possibilities because visually it showed a man in the worst job possible; picking through garbage in the largest landfill on earth, and then being experiencing a completely different life.

Today, I was reading a post by Rabbi Wolpe.  In it he also discusses how by each action we take we transform our lives.  He also shares an interesting piece of history that shows how small events can have huge consequences.

In 1920, King Alexander – then the King of Greece – was bitten by his two monkey pets while defending his dog.  The King eventually died from the infections.  Because of his passing, his father – Constantine -who was in exile was allowed to come back to Greece as a king.  It was King Constantine who initiated the Greco-Turkish war which claimed hundreds of thousands of people’s lives.  Winston Churchill would later write that “it was a monkey bite that caused the death of those 250,000 people.”

We live in an ebb and flow world where small actions can have dramatic results.  Nothing is written in stone.  Our ability to stay flexible and make use of this ocean of possibilities is what keeps life fresh and exciting.  All we need in this journey is a life vest – which is our intimate relationship with our own selves.

By spend time getting to know who we are, then even in times of great thunder, our life vest will do its job and keep us afloat.

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