Learning To Change

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The road between the intellect and the heart when it comes to changes is a long winding road full of stops and alternate routes.

Yes, the first step is realizing we should change from being A to being B.  Second step is believing we have already changed from A to B.  Third step is the challenge.  This is when a situation will occur to test us in our resolution to change.  The greater the change the greater the challenge.  This is when we doubt if we are going down the right path because we feel uncomfortable, uncertain, and insecure, and all hell seems to be breaking lose.  But here is where we need to dig deep and reconnect with the truth that got us to think and act in a different way in the first place.  Once we do that, we have our footing.

Change most often creates tension and chaos because it not only forces us to be different, but others as well who will on top of everything else resent us for wanting to change.

But change we must.  Because that is how we become more in synch with whom we truly are.  Because by changing we get to respect ourselves and mostly we get to align ourselves with the lives we want to experience.

I’m going through one of these changing times myself.  It’s been incredibly challenging with great pressure from others.  I would be lying if I said this pressure had not gotten to me; I’m having physical reactions and my emotions are doing flips.  But I have not abandoned my truth, the one who requested my changing.  It is uncomfortable and it feels chaotic, but I know if I can make through at the end I’ll be standing at the other side of the river as a different person.

So do know, changing isn’t easy, but it is necessary of our own growth and contentment.

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