Is The Glass Half Full Or Half Empty? Your Choice

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I think one of the wisest sayings is: “You can look at a glass and see it half empty or half full.”  So much of our contentment comes from how we see and experience things.  But, having all that power most of us will choose to look at the glass half empty and in those occasions when we see it half full, we will move on too quickly so we can start worrying about what isn’t right.  There is no way to have an enjoyable life living in this manner.

I am one who has spent most of my adult life with my thinking in the future on the things I wished for and didn’t have.  So many wonderful things happened during those years without me truly giving them the time to fully enjoy what had come to me as a result of either my own effort or of life’s mysteries.

But I have changed.  After much pain, I have realized life is here today not in the future.  I have also learned to “milk” the good experiences for all their worth.  I have also learned to accept when difficult situations come my way with minimal kicking and screaming.  And most importantly if I can see a glass half full why would I choose to see it half empty?

Start noticing today all the good things that happen to you.  Sometimes they are big things and sometimes they are small. But regardless, all good things when noticed and appreciated will imbue us with positive life energy.

And don’t worry so much about your future. I assure you it is dependent on your present.

Life is not the way it’s supposed to be. It’s the way it is. The way you deal with it is what makes the difference – Virginia Satir

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