The Three Most Powerful Words: I Love You

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The below post by Dennis Merritt Jones talks about the importance of saying of hearing the words I love you.  In his blog, Dennis points out that the impact of these words is great even if they come from complete strangers.  I couldn’t agree more.

While reading it I was reminded how much a touch, a nod or a word from a complete stranger while caring for my terminal husband helped me.

I was reminded of the kindness I found in various waiting rooms or treatment centers of hospitals. Sometimes the gestures were as simple as the handing of a tissue but its impact profound and transformative.

As people we have an innate need to connect to share happiness or sadness.  We want to connect to feel we belong.

The words I love you carry such meaning in them as to make both the giver and the receiver instantaneously feel connected.

So why don’t we say it more often?

Sometimes because we believe those words should only be uttered to others that make our hearts skip a beat.  But what if we thought of love as a way of being? Wouldn’t we then have love for all?

How happier wouldn’t we all be if we heard often that we are loved?  How happier wouldn’t we all be if we could tell others we love them?

Changing the way we all relate can start with each one of us.  It can start with us feeling love within and wanting to share it with all that cross our paths.

What if every day of your life you heard I love you.  What if every day of your life you said I love you.  What would your life feel like? Take a minute to imagine it before you respond.

I know what my answer is:


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The Three Most Important Words You Can Say (Or Hear)

By Dennis Merritt Jones

“To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.” — David Viscott

Having recently viewed a very moving video posted on YouTube, I am moved to share an awareness that arose in me as I watched. The video is a wonderful tribute to the words “I love you,” being spoken directly to you by literally dozens of people, all of whom are total strangers…Continued

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2 Responses to “The Three Most Powerful Words: I Love You”
  1. I came across your website, and Dennis’s article,while researching for a massive project about love. I also made a video of people saying “I love you” in Barcelona. Here’s the youtube link: The video is part of a larger global project, which hopefully will include all of the people and organizations I have discovered creating their own versions of I Love You. It’s really encouraging to see that there is this wave of activity around this particular subject; artists expressing it in different ways. I found that when I videotaped subjects it was indeed emotional for me also. And people who were strangers connected. You can learn more about my project at

    • Hi Debbie,

      Really cool video you put together. There is another project – although quite different from yours – that you might want to check out

      I truly believe the only way to live and to connect with others is through love.

      Best to you and thank you for reading and posting.