Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

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Sometimes, I really think I have two brains.  One, my lower brain, which gets upset with the small stuff and is often a victim of anxiety, anger and frustration.  The other, my higher brain which listens to the lower, but doesn’t get embroiled in any of the issues the lower brain does.

Basically, the lower brain keeps our nose to the ground while the higher brain lets us see the big picture.

Growth comes from listening to the higher brain which has the ability to stop the obsessive inner-dialogue of the lower brain.  It understands thoughts like: “he/she didn’t call, I must not be important enough, I didn’t get XXX, I must be really stupid etc.” but it doesn’t become a victim of it.  Quite the contrary; it understands the pain and confusion, but instead of letting us be stuck in the muck, it offers us a grander view of our own lives.  It asks us to take a step back.

The higher brain is a byproduct of our wisdom.  Better yet. It is its pro-active side.  But, it takes time and discipline to allow the higher brain to take over, because our lower brain is so busy being compulsive, attached, and resentful, that in the beginning a fierce inner-struggle is certain to happen.

We know listening to our higher brain will wield the most beneficial results.  It is tough living with an inner-dialogue that goes around and around obsessing over things we know in the end are not that relevant.

So, the next time you find yourself obsessing over something you know it is gaining momentum because your lower brain is feeding the inner-dialogue; stop, take a deep breath and let the higher brain have its chance to speak up.  Most likely, a minute later you’ll go back to the circular thinking, so when you do, stop again and truly listen.

The more we purposely stop the lower brain through the presence of the higher brain, the more we will be able to live our lives within the realm of the big picture – where bigger concepts like: love, respect and compassion live.

Invest in your higher brain and learn not to sweat the small stuff.

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