Two Very Different Stories

October 28, 2009 by  
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Here are two very different stories.  In one a fifteen year old in California is gang raped while a crowd of over twenty teenagers watch.

The other a five year old boy fills up his red cart with his mom’s brownies and garden vegetables and goes around the neighborhood selling them to raise money for his five year old friend in the hospital. 


These are two of today’s news.  What are the reasons that make humans act in such distinct ways, one motivated by anger and objectification and the other by love? 

I’m not a psychologist or a criminalist but the stark contrast of these two stories is quite shocking.  I would like to venture out in saying that in the case of the rape the lack of love, respect and purpose in the rappers and witnesses lives must be huge.  No human, unless they are medically certifiably insane – in which case they march to the beat of their own drum – would perpetrate such crime unless they had seen and/or suffered the same rage and violence before.  No human would do that onto another unless they felt worthless.

In the story of the five year old boy it is evident that his family supports his efforts by giving him the garden vegetables and baking the brownies.  It is also obvious that this young boy knows and feels love from his family and therefore it becomes natural for him to share love with his little friend in need.

I remember being invited to screening years ago at the Sony lot of a number of short films made by incarcerated juveniles.  Each and every short film produced, written and acted by these young men, was about love; their need of it, their lack of it.  These were stories about their mothers and girlfriends.  The tough looking boys when given the chance to talk about anything chose to talk about love.

I’m not trying to over simplify these very important and layered stories but I do feel it is important for us to recognize that love is at the heart of them and with every action we take we help to support one story or the other.