Stress; Don’t Give Up On Your Life For It

April 12, 2011 by  
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Got an email from someone in Brazil yesterday talking about stress.  In the middle there was a question.  How much does a glass of water weigh?  Half a pound?  A pound?  It depends on the amount of water and the weight of the glass.  But that is not the point.

Let’s say a half a pound water glass doesn’t weigh much if you hold the glass up for 10 secs.  It also doesn’t weigh much if you hold it up for a minute.  But what if you held the same glass for an hour? Your arm would probably be sore.  Now what about for a whole day? You would probably end up in a hospital with major circulation issues.

So is stress.  If you can rest and recharge there are no major consequences to your well- being.  But if you just keep on going without replenishing yourself with emotional and psychological nourishment, you will most likely crash.

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