Why Embracing Grief Is The Only Way Out Of Loss

March 27, 2011 by  
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I believe one the hardest feelings we deal with when grief strikes, is the overwhelming sensation of loss.  Loss means we had something which we no longer have.  Initially, there is nothing positive about it.  But, if we are to heal and to change as human beings we must embrace the loss and transform it.

I remember when my husband passed away how I kept saying to myself and others; “There has to be something positive out of this incredible pain.  If not, it is complete devastation and I may not survive.”  I soon found what was positive for me out of all that I had lost; it was a deeper understanding of love, life, compassion and empathy.  As well as becoming more comfortable in my own skin.

Less than I year before from my late husband’ passing, I started the Love Project Inc., a book of our history together and I also added a number of social causes to my agenda.

When we hurt we can either stay in pain and anger or we can turn our scar into a new way of being.

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