Want To Stop Violence? Start With Yourself

April 21, 2011 by  
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Yesterday, I was sent a very graphic video of the atrocities being committed in Bahrain.   The video was 10 minutes long, but I have to confess I had to stop half way into it.  I have no interest in sharing the details of the video.  It suffices to say it was real and it was close up.

My first reaction was to think how silly I am to have created The Love Project Inc. as a forum to inspire myself and others to lead lives with greater honesty, courage and love.

Watching this video, the images of violence and horror sobered me to a world that has never been part of mine, but which is alive and well, and with consequences affecting all of us.  In that moment I thought; no more Love Project.   It is a naïve attempt in front of such powerful destruction.

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