The Never Ending Search For Balance

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There are moments in life where we feel we are standing in the eye of the storm where different psychological issues are tugging at us to get our attention.  In my case now are; my aging parents, my sister who lives far away, and my own fears of what my future will be like.  Without getting into the nature and the merit of my issues – they are not the point of this particular discussion – the consequence is that I feel pulled into many directions which generate anxiety, guilt and depression.

Now, I know better.  I know anxiety, guilt and depression are paralyzing emotions which have no real benefit to anyone engaged with them on a one-on-one.

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Striking A Balance

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Yesterday I went to see a film with my parents – I’m still in Brazil – about a very prominent medium who died in 2002 at the age of 92, (

The film was poorly made but that is not the point of this blog.  The point is in a scene – based on an actual televised account by the medium about the episode – the medium is on a plane flying from one state to another when the flight encounters a lot of turbulence.  As the plane dips and shakes, the medium starts screaming and praying in fear for his life. That made no sense being that the medium’s entire life had been lived conversing with souls.

Now let me make my disclaimer here; I don’t believe people converse with souls that continue to be whom there were in life in heaven.  Back to my point; while on live television this medium recounted his experience and laughed at himself and the absurdity of his flying experience. How could have him be afraid of dying?  Wasn’t his whole work about letting others know death was just a continuation of life only in a different realm?

The scene crystallized a thought for me which is; we are beings of opposing thoughts and feelings.  We may be searching and being on the path of love, gratitude and positivism and have the voices of jealousy, and hate within us.  We are not black or white.  We are all the colors and finding contentment and a life style that suits us, is about finding balance of all the voices within us.  It is hearing the voice of fear but not letting it over take our life.  We converse with it but we don’t listen to it.

Chastising ourselves because we have all the colors within us it is not healthy or kind but acknowledging them and striking a balance is.