New Rules

July 6, 2009 by  
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The rules of marketing are now changing dramatically.  What has caught my attention is that the number one rule for effective marketing is now to offer something to your buyer or fan that means something to them instead of shoving down their throat, to buy your product.  In another words the focus has shifted to the buyer.

Good marketing now says that if you sell computers don’t talk about the computers you have for sale.  Instead make yourself useful, a computer guru of sorts and then people will trust you and want to come to you when they are ready to buy. This way you are building a community of future buyers.

My point is marketing, the busiest tool of capitalism, is now adopting a ‘be of service” attitude.  The motto now is; if you want to succeed create relationships.

The same is also taking place in politics.  Barack Obama understood that if he could make us feel like he was going to be a president that would listen to us he would have a better chance of winning, specially after eight years of a government that had done just the opposite.

What I’m trying to say is that marketing, politics, business, have now found out what people seeking for a more harmonic life have known all along; put yourself in someone’s shoes, listen to others, and make it personal and mostly create communities.

Is it possible that with technology, the web, the mobile, we now have a chance to have our voices heard and change the way we relate to one another?  Is it possible that we can now have a chance to impact governments and businesses with what we want instead of their own agenda of elections, power and money?  And are we as a people ready for that?