Change Your Beliefs; Change Your Life

March 5, 2011 by  
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Photo by Angie Rubin

In writing how our beliefs shape our actions, Susan Smalley, suggests we investigate these beliefs to understand if they are bringing about kindness and positivity or envy and anger to our lives.  Not as a moral stance – kindness is good and envy is bad – but because of how we experience life based on our beliefs.  Below is an excerpt of her post:

Joseph Campbell wrote at great length about the power of mythology. I was beginning to see how our beliefs — our mythologies — provide us with a means of understanding the unknown (in my friend’s case, this odd phenomenon of 111). If what we believe generates compassion, love, and helpful actions, perhaps those beliefs are beneficial to oneself and humanity at large. If our beliefs generate intolerance, inequality and hatred, perhaps those are ones you may want to jettison. But we need to examine how we relate to our beliefs, maybe more than dispelling of them as fact or fiction.”

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