Does Love Conquer All?

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A friend of mine forwarded to me a couple of days ago, an email from her new girlfriend.  In this email her new friend listed ten things they had in common.  My friend wanted to share the email with me because had been pleasantly surprised by her new friend’s disposition to concentrate on the similarities rather than the differences.

I then thought about a friend of mine who is Muslim Turkish and came to the US to learn filmmaking.  While here she met a Jewish Turkish man and they fell in love and wanted to get married.  Her family threatened to disown her if she married him even though the two of them had so much in common.  My friend was forced to make a choice between the man she had fallen in love with and her family.  She chose her now husband but she still hurts for the loss of her family.  Her story is one of differences where families’ believes were so frail and non-inclusive that they couldn’t tolerate any differences. Read more


The Beauty Of Breathing

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Many years ago, when I was still a dancer, I took a workshop with a woman from Argentina about using movement as a tool to help us connect with our psyche.

One of the things I most remember about this workshop is how shallow we breathe specially being that breath is literally the fuel we need to create energy to live.

Ancients commonly linked the breath to a life force. The Hebrew Bible refers to God breathing the breath of life into clay to make Adam a living soul (nephesh). It also refers to the breath as returning to God when a mortal dies. The terms “spirit,” “qi,” and “psyche” are related to the concept of breath.  So why aren’t we more aware of breathing?

I think we are often in such a hurry and so disconnect from nature and our physical selves that we don’t even realize that we are oxygen depleted.  Also, it seems to me that whatever we can do without thinking i.e. breathing is one less thing to be worry about.   But we are missing out on a free and simple method to infuse ourselves with energy and calm.

For almost a thousand years, meditation has used breathing to connect with the self.  But we don’t have to be meditating to use the breath’s healing powers of the breath.  Remembering to take long and full breaths a few times a day will also do the trick, especially when we feel stressed.

So make a change and start breathing with awareness.  You will feel more relaxed, gain energy and be connected with our own body.