The Best Birthday Ever

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This is one of the most beautiful videos. Mukhtar, a bus driver in Denmark is at work, when a passenger gets on his bus and starts playing an instrument. Mukhtar looks through his rear view mirror trying to understand why this man is playing. A minute later a number of passengers start singing and he realizes they are singing because it is his birthday. But the surprises are not over yet. Mukhtar drives into what is seems to be a protest (it is Europe after all) when he starts honking. The crowd turns around and they are holding signs that say “Happy Birthday Mukhtar”. The whole thing was orchestrated by his employer. Can you imagine if each one of us did something nice for a person once a day?


My Husband’s Birthday

March 4, 2010 by  
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Today is my husband’s birthday. Celebrating this day was always a special event. His personality was such I called him “my baby boy” as he never grew too old to have silly fun. One year I surprised him with horseback riding on the Buffalo River. Down a dirt road in Yellville, Arkansas, we celebrated at this small B&B surrounded by nature. One year with our eyes filled with tears, we celebrated life attending the funeral of a young lady very dear to our heart, the daughter of a life-long friend.

His birthday in 2008 was another celebration with tears. The day before, after three emotional weeks in the hospital, I had brought him home. After a quintuple bypass in January, his heart was getting weaker. His cardiologist had called in a specialist from the transplant center, which the nurses referred to as the heart failure clinic. His favorite nurse hugged him goodbye saying “If anyone deserves a new one, you do.”

Never did I imagine that would be his last birthday on earth. Last year I celebrated his birthday with him, and yet without him. His ashes at home, are inside a beautiful hand carved wooded box. Two crucifixes lay on top, gifts from the priest who married us and presided over his Funeral Mass.

And now 2010. I feel like a wreck. I feel more devastated than last year. I don’t choose to be sad. I don’t want to be sad. I pray that his strength will help me better accept my life without him here.

Celebrate Love and Life. Powerful words I am trying so hard to embraced with passion.