Meaning Of Life

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“When the world seems to be falling apart, stick to your own trajectory; hang onto your own ideals and find kindred spirits. That’s the rule of life.”
– Joseph Campbell

I am often reading, thinking, searching and writing articles about life.  Since I was a child I have been perplexed by the inequities and randomness of life.  I search for myself but share the path and the findings.  I search because I don’t want to accept – and I know – what is presented and obvious about life as its totality.  It would be too despairing if it was so.

I am a second generation Jewish Brazilian woman.  I’m the granddaughter of Russian and Polish immigrants that left behind all their possessions to start anew in a foreign country, and I’m the daughter of a woman abandoned by her father.  Depression runs in my family and a sense of worth is a foreign feeling.

When I was eighteen I left home and moved to the US because I wanted my heart beat to beat with the world.  I needed to be out there.

In my adulthood I have had many experiences, some good and some bad, just like everybody else. And my greatest pain is having lost my husband to cancer.

My story is just like yours.  But when I step outside myself and see the world, the quest that started in my childhood for a deeper meaning, becomes a closer reality.

I believe we lead a push and pull life.  We know life is more than our day to day.  We know it is more than succeeding at a job, being famous, or wealthy.  It is even more than being a member of a family but somehow we can’t trust that.  So we run back to putting one foot in front of the other always scared that something bad is going to happen; afraid of thinking outside of the box.

By no means do I think I know where life comes from and why.  I of course understand evolution etc. but what about the very first first?  Anyway, I do know, as I continue to expose myself to life and dig into who I am with courage and honesty, I open my heart to love and compassion.   And maybe one day, I’ll get to experience what Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor ( said about her transformational experience: “my earthly body dissolved and I melted into the universe.”  And if that is too new age for you, another gain from being connected to life in a deeper way is a greater contentment and acceptance and a great ability to laugh your heart out.


Caetano’s Song

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I’m sitting in a car in Rio de Janeiro my native city, on my way to look at a possible location for a film when the chorus of a song catches my attention “You didn’t teach me how to forget you; you only taught me how to love you. 

I think it is Caetano, a famous Brazilian singer, singing.  His voice is beautiful and his singing moving.

I first think what a sad touching song but soon I realize it should be much more than that.

What a gift to be taught how to love!  Truly loving someone is always having love within. Love is always comforting even when for whatever reason the person who allowed us to connect to this deep well is no longer there.

If I had composed this song with Caetano, my next line would have been “…but your love taught me how to be whole.”



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Tony Villela, 32, a Brazilian surfer and craftsman gave his life to save two inexperienced surfers drowning in the waters of Guaruja, Brazil.

Tony who was also known as “Tony of the small Craft’s Market”, was born and raised in Guaruja.  When seeing four inexperienced surfers fighting against the currents in the ocean, Tony jumped in the water with his surfboard.  He was able to save two while the other two managed to come out of the water on their own.  After saving the surfers, Tony exhausted and with a cronic bad back, lost his surfboard, and was pulled away by the currents towards the rocks.

While lifeguards tried to swin to him, and firefigthers in helicopters tried getting to him, he came up for the last time stretching his arm up towards the helicopter before being thrown against the rocks and dissapearing in the water.  It took the authorities 3 days to find Tony’s body.

Tony left behind an 11 year old daughter, Jennifer Cardoso dos Reis Villela, who continues to surf as a homage to her father who had taught her how to practcise the sport and love the ocean.

Friends of Tony were not surprised by the man’s heroic act.  “He died to save others. This shows the way he had always lived his life; in service” said Taiu Bueno.