The Key To Living A Long Meaningful Life

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I like the below post, because it affirms a basic belief of mine; finding what is meaningful in life and living a journey to fulfill it will create contentment.  It doesn’t matter how easy or difficult it is to live according to what we consider to be meaningful, because what is important is the act of aligning ourselves with goals greater than a shopping list. The act of living with meaning, create a rich life full of experiences and character.

Meaning is the gas in our engine.  It keeps us going and it gets us anywhere we want to go.  It also teaches us to listen to ourselves and live healthier lives.  After all if we are to accomplish our intentions, we must have enough physical and mental energy to do so.

Find what is important to you, and embrace it without fear of failure.  It is the path – persistence, dedication, and strategy – that will keep you focused and content.

Read on.

What The Founding Fathers Can Teach Us About Longevity

By Howard Friedman, Ph.D

The first four U.S. presidents — Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Madison — plus Benjamin Franklin — lived an average of more than 82 years, and they did so without the benefit of modern medical care. To the contrary, George Washington, who became seriously ill after a day’s horseback ride through sleet and snow, was treated with bleedings, emetics and enemas, and then succumbed. Two hundred years later, American presidents again tend to live very long lives, with Reagan and Ford reaching 93, and Carter and Bush senior still alive at 86 and 87.

The Founding Fathers, like the presidents of today, lived highly stressful lives that were full of hard work. They led lives of rebellion, war and the harshest political strife, as well as lives full of many personal tragedies…Continued