Road Map To The Future

January 11, 2010 by  
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I have been writing a manuscript about my life with my husband for the past fourteen months.  Below is the first page:

“My husband, Chris Rubin died of cancer on August 15th 2008 after a 2 ½ year battle that included a liver transplant, a wedding (ours) many trips to emergency rooms and countless stays at intensive care units across the country.

But mine is not a sad story of loss but a story of love, the depths of which I’m still discovering. Chris and I met in an ordinary way, a date set up by a friend, but everything that happened from there on was nothing but extraordinary.

Six weeks after his passing, I decided to write this book.  First because it had been something he had wanted to do but later because it was a way to transform pain into healing.  I honor his courage and his desire to live by living.

This book is a toast to Chris who was a gift given to me with eternal consequences.”

The manuscript has 226 pages and today I sent 50 pages to an agent who was interested in reading.

I am a writer/producer and have gone out on a limb with my work many times before, but this is different.  These 226 pages contain all the love and pain Chris and I shared together.

Every word in the manuscript is a commitment to the truth.  I wanted others to be reminded how fragile life is and to live each day fully.  And I wanted to say you can love as much as I did and still continue to love life after a great loss.  Because even when it hurts, life is a gift. The world is always open to every one of us to experience all the emotions.

A lot of us are deeply wounded but the scars we carry remind us where we have been and of our survival.

I wish we all continue to honor where we have been and embrace with passion where we are and where we’re going.