Freeing Ourselves From Labels

December 20, 2010 by  
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Humans are obsessed with labels.  I’m not talking about designer labels.  I’m talking about labels we give each other such as: “she’s a very kind person”, “he always does the right thing” or “she’s selfish”.  I think the reason we label one another is to quickly process and identify who others are to us and who we are to them.  But that is a very superficial way to know each other.  We are not labels on a bottle.  We are complex and complicated.

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Allowing Ourselves To Live Different Types Of Relationships

May 17, 2010 by  
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There are many kinds of relationships.  We just need to be open to enjoy them for what they are.  It sounds like a pretty obvious statement but the truth is people are complicated and we often have expectations.

But expectations keep us from living and enjoying certain relationships, because we want them to be something else than what they are.  If we can learn to live in the present and enjoy people and our connections as they happen and as they are, we would have more fun in our lives.

Sometimes relationships are just intellectual.  And that is just what they are. But we can have wonderful conversations if we don’t keep hoping and expecting them to be something else.

Sometimes relationships are just sexual.  And that is great.  Feeling sexual and sharing it with someone else can be a good experience if we don’t get frustrated and angry hoping it can be different.

And sometimes we have those relationships where most everything falls into place.  And it is heaven.

In every situation we have to ask ourselves: can I deal with this?  Am I okay if that is all I get from this experience.  Once we can answer yes, then that the key becomes not to force the relationship to be everything to us.

Sometimes connections are in our paths to fulfill some want or desire we are feeling.  Taking things for what they are and letting them run their course is a mature and smart way to live life.