Guilt And Its Consequences

January 30, 2012 by  
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What is guilt?

Webster defines it as “the fact or state of having committed an offense, or wrong against moral or penal law.”

Guilt is a consequence of us sometimes having done something that on the surface seems wrong.  It is also a consequence of others wanting us to feel responsible for a situation – rightfully or not.

Let’s think about the first type of guilt; the one which comes as a consequence of us actually having not acted properly.

Here’s an example: a friend of mine got a visit from an out of state and close friend of hers.

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Missed Opportunities

April 14, 2010 by  
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How many times have we stopped ourselves from saying or doing things we wanted to because we were afraid of being judged or afraid we would be exposed?

Our egos are so frail that we can’t take rejection or judgment and we end up missing out on experiences.

When I was younger I was very impulsive.  Whatever got into my head I did without any consideration for consequences.  Needless to say I got myself in a lot of trouble. When I got a little older, I started doing some crazy stuff because of my need to create drama in my life.  Drama kept me from taking responsibility and from finding out who I really was.  Eventually I got tired of all the drama and asked myself the questions; Who am I? And what do I really want?  Those questions take a long time to answer but they are really worth getting plus the process gets us to be in touch with ourselves.

I am now at a point that I no longer need to be impulsive or to create drama.  I can ponder situations and make decisions.  I can also expose myself and say what I want without feeling naked because my ego is stronger.  I have accepted not being perfect and I have understood I am not in competition with anybody else.

I cherish who I am and my path.  I am energized about the possibilities.  The world feels safer and the most exciting is that I no longer need to miss out on possibilities life offers me.  There is nothing to hide.  I am what I am.