Life Is A Roller Coaster

November 9, 2010 by  
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A friend of mine sent me the below post  “Roller Coaster” by Rabbi Brian.  I wanted to share it with you for two reasons: 1 – It’s a good post, 2 – It comes from someone whose profession is to give answers to tough questions.

I respect Rabbi Brian’s honesty in saying some times life is tough.  It is refreshing when people have the courage to share their feelings even if they are risking turning people off. Here’s someone whose job is to comfort, advice and guide. But in order to truly perform his job, he needs to be honest.

We live in a world where we are taught the only answer to “how are you?” Is “well, thank you.”  We know sometimes we tell others we’re well but we absolutely believe others when they say they are doing great and their life is perfect.  The result of these false exchanges is that we wonder if there is something wrong with us.   After all everyone else seems to be doing just fine.

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