Other People’s Point Of View

April 27, 2010 by  
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How often do we look at life from other people’s point of view?

I remember many years ago watching a film, The Joy Luck Club, which was mostly about relationships between mothers and daughters.  I watched the film alone and when it was over, I sobbed.  The film had allowed me for the first time to see my relationship with my mother through her eyes.  I understood emotionally that I was part of her.

I had been created with love and then carried inside of her.  She had fed and taken care of me until I was eighteen and got on a plane to New York. To my mom I was and would always be her baby and that informed how she thought and related to me.

I, as a young adult, wanted to experience the world and couldn’t understand her worries and fears.  I also couldn’t understand why she needed me so much and that too informed how I thought and related to her.

My mother and I have had our differences and they mostly came from not understanding each other’s point of view.

If we care about a relationship, when there is a disagreement, it is important to try to see the issue from the other person’s view.  And even if we can’t agree coming to the table with compassion will keep the relationship healthy.