Nature Is Selfish

November 10, 2009 by  
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I have always thought when people passed away that the ones left behind cried for the fact they would not have the person they loved in their lives any longer. The truth is we cry for not having that person but we also cry for all they will never get to do and to experience; new presidents, newborns, love, restaurants, films, political and social changes etc.

I once read that nature is selfish; a powerful but truthful statement.  Nature doesn’t stop for anyone or anything.  No matter what is happening in our lives people still rush to work, fight wars, make love, waste time and the world goes through tsunamis, global warming, sunsets and sunrises.

It is so brutally shocking when our lives are falling apart and the rest of the world does not seem to notice.   The first time I really experienced this was when my husband was lying in a hospital bed fighting for his life and I went for a walk around the hospital.  I needed air and sunlight after spending three days locked up in his room without leaving.

As my body walked my mind was still tied back to what was happening in that hospital room, but all the people walking by me didn’t seem to notice or care.  They laughed and carried on like nothing was happening.  I wanted to stop and tell them “Don’t you know what’s happening?  My husband is fighting for his life. How can you just carry on? ” But of course I couldn’t do that.  The truth is that everyone has their drama, small and big, at different times in their lives and nature doesn’t care and it doesn’t stop.   But that is how life is; it has its own force.

It is so important to live life for what we think is important and brings us the most amount of happiness and satisfaction and not fall victim of any type of fictional or social interpretation of what life should be or look like.

Life is what it is and it’s to be lived to the fullest at every moment because things can change on a dime.  This is by no means a gloom and doom statement.  It is actually beautiful and powerful and it can be simple to live by making every day count and being in the moment.  If the moment is talking to a friend, then let’s dedicate the time to the friend.  Let’s not think about what we need to do after we leave our friend.  Let’s be in the moment.  If the moment is making love, let’s not think about what happened before and what will happen after. Let’s be in the moment and try to let our body and mind experience every feeling and sensation.

We are so often in a hurry that we miss out on fully experiencing what happens to us until something tragic happens and we realize that we have rushed through too much and now have much to regret.

So while nature is selfish and life will continue on no matter what happens to each one of us, we can make our own lives count by dedicating our journey to ourselves.  Our best friend lives within us, and it is actually ourselves.  We are the only ones who will never leave and will always hear our thoughts and feelings and know everything that there is to know about US.  So why not give our best friend the best life possible by letting ourselves truly experience life by being in the moment?  Think about it.