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I just read a story on CNN.com about UFOs.  I don’t know if they exist or not but I accept the complete possibility of their existence.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were actually UFOs?  Imagine what that would do to our believes and our way of living.  The fact is we conduct ourselves in a mostly tunnel vision type of existence.  We fight to succeed as if all that matters was the world that is right in front of us.  But what if one day we woke up and realized that world is small and kind of meaningless? 

Let’s take a wild trip down to the ant world.  Ants go about their day trying to move huge insects from one place to another without realizing a whole world much bigger than them exits all around them.  There are offices, banks, buildings etc. The world is big.  One day the ants get stepped on by huge beings, like us, whose existence is bigger than theirs and in actually barely acknowledged by us.

I know right about now I probably have lost half of you with my ant story but that’s the wonderful thing about a blog, you write what comes to your mind and then with the next blog your previous thoughts move down towards the bottom of the page and in a few days they are all but gone.

The point is what if we are ants to a bigger world?  What if everything we have held precious is nothing but dead insects? 

I don’t know but part of me thinks it would be all too funny.