Changing The World, $5 At A Time

May 14, 2010 by  
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5for-bodyAnna McDonnell had always felt that the odds were tipped in favor of men in this world and had wanted the “challenge” of raising a daughter to overcome these odds.

She had three sons instead. So, years later, after she left the television business and returned to school for her master’s degree in social work, the 51-year-old California woman decided to take up the cause again.

“I just believe that gender inequity is probably the greatest single cause of the imbalances on our planet,” McDonnell says. “When women and men are not valued equally, there’s less education and more violence.”

In 2009, she started a social networking site, 5 for Fairness, to raise funds and awareness for causes that benefit at-risk girls around the world. She asks donors to contribute $5 via a PayPal button on the site. McDonnell’s motto: “If you want to catch a lot of rain, put out a lot of teacups.”…Continued