Finding Freedom By Letting Go

September 28, 2010 by  
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Yesterday I sent an email to a friend I had not spoken to in 7 years.  We used to be very good friends but parted ways when I decided to change how I experienced my life.  By no means am I blaming her for my past life or how I used to live it.  The separation happened because as I embarked on a path of a less self-destructive life, she did not want to come along.  She still believed living in chaos was the only way to exist and so I let the relationship go.

In my email I let my friend know even though we have not spoken in many years I only have love for her.  A few hours after I sent the email a thought hit me; what if she doesn’t respond? My pride was sticking its ugly head out in fear of rejection.  Now when I first sent the email, all I had in my heart was positive feelings but when the thought of rejection hit me, for a moment I regretted sending the email and felt stupid.

The experience made me think about pride. Not the good kind, such as empowering ourselves by accepting and being proud of who we are, but the bad kind where our ego is so frail that we think we must defend ourselves with all the pride we can muster.

In Greek mythology the myth of Sisyphus tells the story of pride and its consequences.

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