Follow Your Dreams With Gusto

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cloud_thumbWhile I often write about living in the moment, surrendering (please don’t confuse with giving up), I’m also all for pursuing what you want in your life with as much energy as you can muster.

I’m not one to say “lower your expectations and you’ll have a happier life” because I’m someone who has always had big dreams.  There has never been anything I have wanted to do that I though it was outside my ability.

If someone can do something that means to me, that I can too.  But for many years this attitude brought me a lot of discontent because I concentrated so much on achieving my dreams and goals that I didn’t enjoy the process.  Some of my goals have been really lofty and brought many disappointments and so because I wasn’t enjoying the present and only obsessing with the future, I was unhappy and frustrated.

So I had to make an adjustment in my life.  I could still have my dreams and goals and they could still be as lofty as my imagination could create, but I had to make the journey be the focus and not the result.

I still think I can do anything but my life is happening in the present and the journey is now more important than the end result.


Surrender Is Not The Same As Giving Up

April 17, 2010 by  
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There is a huge difference between giving up and surrendering.  Giving up can often mean a few things like: 1 – The task or desire at hand was too difficult and I gave up because I didn’t have the stamina, 2 – I gave up because I didn’t know how to proceed.  I’m sure there are other definitions but you get the negative connotation to this type of “giving up”.  Let me give an example:  I want to learn a language because of a job I want to apply to, but it’s too difficult to learn something now so I just give up and forget the job.

On the other hand surrendering is accepting where we are today, and opening up space for life to happen.  In this instance, as we embrace where we are, our goals may even shift as a result of life having an opportunity to express itself.  This is a positive attitude.   An example:  I want to be in a loving relationship and I think I have found a guy that might be a possibility, but after a while I realize he’s not interested.  I surrender to the situation and stop trying to force something to happen.  I still want to be in a loving relationship and am letting the guy and my desires pass me by so I can create space for the right guy.  I keep on living, learning and feeding my soul.

Surrendering takes faith, courage and a strong relationship to oneself but promotes a positive relationship with life.