It’s All Good

August 25, 2009 by  
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My sister in law was telling me today that she recently had a scare with a lump that was found on one of her breasts. 

While laying on the examination room and waiting for results she said she thought about her legacy and she thought about to whom she would leave her possessions.  See, none in her family have had children. I told her, you leave to your friends or to a cause.   That got us talking about the fact that as we get older we will only have each other to rely on. I too have no children.

I think a lot of people end up having children as a way to leave something behind; a mark that we’ve have been here.  But the truth is most of us, no matter what, after fifty years or so have no marks that we were ever here.  We do leave permanent marks and changes but as a society but not really as individuals.

Think about it.  My Italian fourteen year old nieces (they are twins) were visiting the recording room at the Warner Brothers lot, when the studio engineer mentioned that the day before, Clint Eastwood finished recording the music for his new film in that same room. My nieces drew a blank.  Who’s Clint Eastwood?

I think sometimes we get caught up in what others think of us or our spotlight or lack off in this world but the truth is our lives should matter to us more than what it looks like to others.  We need to learn to really listen to what makes us happy and invest in those things.  I believe that at the end of a life time what matters are the feelings within not how important or what others thought of us.

Society at large, especially in the US, keeps pushing us to produce, to strive to succeed.  It’s all good just as long as it doesn’t turn into obsession and replaces relationship and well being.

Happiness is a feeling within which brightly colors our lives. Remember what Lilly Tomlin so famously said:” The problem with the rat race is that even if you win you’re still a rat”.   And who wants to be a rat?  And by the way, my sister in law is fine.