Ideas Worth Sharing

July 13, 2010 by  
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If you have never watched or listen to a TED talk ( please go to their site now.  The greatest thinkers, innovators, entertainers, scientists, and writers have given brilliant and passionate talks about their area of expertise.  TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to ideas worth spreading.

Bruno Giussani, TED’s European director has said the following about their TED Global conference taking place right now in Oxford:

“Someone has written, in presenting the conference, that good news is a species that is becoming extinct. If you look at any newspaper … we are bombarded by bad news, but if you dig, if you look under the surface and search, you will find a lot of new technology, new science, new art, new ways of thinking, politically, socially, philosophically that may give you, when you string them all together, a more optimistic view of the future.” Read more