The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side … Or Is It?

August 7, 2009 by  
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How many times have we all used that expression?  More times than we can count, I’m sure.  Whether it’s about money or cars or first editions or dance moves … we are obsessed with having what the other guy’s got … keeping up with the Joneses, if you will.  For many of us, the focus has been to have what they have. Why?  Mostly for the simple reason that they do and we don’t.

Undoubtedly, peer pressure (and yes, we all deal with it in some form or another) has a great deal to do with this unique human phenomenon.  So many times, we are more busy with trying to replicate others, instead of giving more attention to ourselves and those that are close to us.  Family, friends, co-workers and meaningful constituents, would do well for starters.   While attempting to find out where the neighbor across the street got that new convertible and what kind of deal he (she) made for it … because we just know how much better we would look driving it … we should be devoting that same time to explore what possibilities would be best for us, rather than sizing up others.  Allowing ourselves to envelop the roles and lifestyles of others simply for the sake of doing so is simply unhealthy.  We are who we are and we have to accept that, though improvement for the better should always be sought and never taken for granted.

Now, of course, we all need role models and mentors and ideals and learned information to broaden our horizons on life’s wondrous journey.  It’s just that we shouldn’t allow ourselves to get caught up in a garden that someone else created and nurtured.  Those roses may have served you better if they were lilies and if the birch trees were oak.  We are our own gardener and we, truly, reap what we sow.   It’s a very interesting scenario when you stop to think about our fixation with others and how those same folks may (and often are) fixated on us.   Lesson to drawn: Don’t necessarily settle, however, never downplay who you are in place of another because you feel that they have more or they wear it better or they seem to enjoy more of what you don’t have.  

It’s all about your mindset allowing you to be comfortable with whom you are, not whom they have allowed you to think you want to be. Incidentally, have you ever gotten close up on your neighbor’s grass … like right up on it? Betcha nine times out of ten, theirs have more brown blades than you would have imagined … when looking from your house.