You Must Change Your Life

July 29, 2011 by  
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I’m reading a book by May Sarton; “Journal of a Solitude.”  In it, besides discussing her day to day, she talks about her observations on self-discovery, wisdom and love. There are many passages I want to share.  Below is the first one:

“At any age we grow by the enlarging of consciousness, by learning a new language, or a new art or craft (gardening?) that implies an new way of looking at the universe.  Love is one of the great enlargers of the person because it requires us to “take in” the stranger and to understand him, and to exercise restraint and tolerance as well as imagination to make the relationship work.  If love includes passion, it is more explosive and dangerous and forces us to go deeper.“ – May Sarton

“Here there is nothing that does not see you.  You must change your life.”  – Rilke

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