Thoughts On Love

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How to talk about  love without sounding trite?


By Leslee Komaiko
True story:

My four year old boy likes a girl named Hannah. A lot. I explained to him that he has a “crush” on her. Note he barely knows this girl. She is a year ahead of him in school and they see each other in passing only. Recently, my son proclaimed his love for Hannah on the playground.

“I love you Hannah.” To which she replied, “I love you.” She then turned to me and said, “What’s his name again?”
Love is the smell of my one year old girl when she is hot and sweaty. I could inhale her forever.
A few days ago, an old boyfriend contacted me out of the blue, an old boyfriend who broke my heart. Love can be very very good. It also can hurt like nothing else.  And that hurt sticks around. It may go dormant. It may diminish. But I am convinced it never goes away.
Love is my son, just last night, “popping” the tears running down my face with a warm smile on his own, trying to cheer me up. “Sometimes even mommies get sad,” I explained .
Love is thinking about  the two little people sleeping in a room down the hall, she with a pink monkey, he with his beloved osito.
Love is giving the best bite to the other person.
Love is not purposely losing or scratching the Elmo CD your children want to listen to over and over in the car.

Leslee Komaiko is an accomplished journalist.  Her writing has appeared in LA Times,  LA Magazine, BizBash Media among other publications.