Are You Addicted To Perfection?

September 17, 2011 by  
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Photo by Angie Rubin

Very good post by Jennifer Howard Ph.D. below.  In it she discusses how fruitless and destructive the pursuit of perfection really is.

What is the definition of perfection?  Who gets to define it?  No two people would ever agree on what perfection is. So how can we attempt to achieve that which cannot be agreed on by a majority?

Most people when shown the color yellow will say yellow. We may all see it a shade different and we all may experience it differently but we all agree it is yellow. No the same with perfection.

The search for perfection – whatever that means to each one of us – also takes us away from a true human experience. It is through our trials, errors and tribulations that we gain wisdom.  Sometimes losing or an “error” can have a greater positive impact than success.

Seeking perfection turns us against our own selves. Not embracing our “errors” as an important part of living as we do with “success”, makes us to be our own tormenters. The results are: blame and punishment instead of love and compassion.

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