Overcoming Our Shame And Growing From It

May 1, 2011 by  
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I was just reading the short piece on the Huffington Post of Laura Logan’s rape.  Laura is the CBS reporter who was raped by a mob during the Egyptian upheaval.

In the post I became stuck in the word shame.  As a sexual assault victim I remembered my own shame.  I’m sure there are many psychological reasons why women and men feel shame attached to their attacks, but I am brought to think about a particular one – shame of showing ourselves less than perfect.

We feel shame if we are raped, if we look physically different from an accident, if we are fired from a job, and if we are dumped from a relationship.  The reason – to most of us – why any of this has taken place is secondary to the shame we feel.  We become afraid we’ll show ourselves to be less than in the eyes of others.

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