Attaining Personal Freedom

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boy and the sky

Walking down the street yesterday, I was thinking about how hard it is to simply do what we want or think to be right without having any expectations.   The reason being is we are always concerned about how others will see us and/or we are living by societal “shoulds” we have adopted as our personal mantras along our life paths.

But, to find and act according to our own truths, means to have complete freedom and a much better chance for contentment.

This concept of personal freedom translates into our lives as: I’m going to live this moment to its fullest because I’m happy now.  What will take place tomorrow is not as important.  What other people are thinking or experiencing is also not as important.

This is not about acting out.  It is not about being selfish or hurting others – those would actually be results of a lack of a true relationship with the self.

Living truthfully and in the moment means to have an intimate relationship with the self where our feelings are not dependent on others to have the right to exist.   This state of being occurs when our egos are no longer so frail that we feel threatened or hurt by responses and reactions different from our own.

When we are constantly waiting to see how others feel or where the future will lead, we are never in our own present or in our own truths.  How we feel about something or someone is independent of how they feel about us or how things will turn out.

Having the courage to be means we have finally switched from living a life of reaction to living a life of action.  We act based on how we feel not on how others feel.

Imagine for a moment having the ability to honestly express yourself without expecting any specific response.  Wouldn’t that feel light?  Wouldn’t that feel like opening many doors?

I believe, living our truths, allows us to stop wasting time and energy on things we have no control over such as other people’s thoughts and feelings.

Start your journey by spending time with yourself.  Create a trusting relationship then ask yourself how you really feel and act accordingly.






Learn To Live In The Present

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Angie Rubin

We have ideas of what our lives should look and feel like.   But, sometimes we find ourselves living different realities from those of our expectations.  We may not have the relationship we want, or the job we want.  So, instead of being present we hang on to our dreams and thus we neither live the dream or our reality.

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Five Concepts To Know For Our Own Well Being

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Human Hearts

Anyone who has read my writing knows I don’t go for things like: ten ways to be happy now, or, do these three things and you’ll get everything you have always wanted out of life.  The reason being is I think humans are complex and finding and pursuing a state of well-being is a life-long commitment without easy answers.  But there are general concepts that I believe every person working towards a better life should consider adopting and/or remembering:

1                     – A Sense Of Purpose

We all need that “thing” which gets us up in the morning and keeps our hearts and brains going even when the going gets tough.   We all have a core within which is the gas that keeps our engines going.  The problem is sometimes we get so lost between what society, parents and friends think and expect of us, we lose touch with our ultimate purpose.  Finding, reconnecting and embracing our purpose translates into huge leaps towards a more fulfilling life.

2                     – Living in the Present

Anyone who thinks “I’m going to be happy when…” I get the job, the money, the relationship I deserve is in for a big surprise.  Life seldom works as planned.  Something always comes out of left field and postponing being satisfied today for a future that may or may not happen seem like a waste of life.

Let’s live in the present and enjoy the relationships, job and money we have today.

3                     – Make Sure There Are Things On a Daily Basis That Bring You Wellness

That’s so simple to do.  We all have some easy, inexpensive, simple things we can do that can bring a smile to our faces.  Is that sitting in the park for ten minutes?  Calling a loved one and really being present in the conversation instead of going through a to-do list?  A warm bath?  A candle light dinner?  A romp with a dog? A romp? Whatever that “thing” is for each one of us, sprinkling these activities a couple of times or even once during the course of our day will affect our mood and ultimately our well-being.

4                     – Relationships

Relationships are like flowers (sorry for being corny here) and if we don’t tend to them they will wither and die.  How many articles, books and movies have been made about a person who dedicates his or her life to achieving goals to only be completely miserable because of not having anyone to share the success with?  We are social beings.  We need each other to survive both physically and psychologically.

There have been many studies that have stated one of the main qualities found in people living long lives is being part of a group. Sharing our lives with others make us feel part of something and feeds our hearts.

5                     – Give Something Of You To Someone Else

Helping others with our time and energy, places us up high in the animal chain. We all want to feel we are contributing to the betterment of this world.  Any gesture, small, medium, or large, will do the trick for us.


Real Possibilities

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heart beatSometimes our minds get in the way of us living the real possibilities life is giving us today.  Some of us  have a picture of what we think our lives should look like and because of that end up missing out on the many opportunities of today.

Having an open mind and living in the present allows us to be more in rhythm with life itself.  The fact is we don´t know everything.  I´m not advocating not having plans and direction.  I´m just advocating not missing out on people and opportunities that could give us experiences that we never thought of.

How does the old saying go?  Be careful of what you wish for, lest it come true.  Let´s add:  Be careful of what you don´t see, it might just be what you really want.