Building Strong Bonds From An Early Age

January 10, 2011 by  
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The below Huffington Post by Mark Hyman touches on many significant topics including the importance of family bonds on our future relationships and the value of good nutrition.

While growing up in Brazil, my mom, sister and I, always had lunch together.  At dinner time we were joined by my dad. There was no TV and of course no texting.  We sat together, ate, and talked. We created family bonds.

This was so important to my family that even when we had serious arguments and didn’t want to see each other, we sat together at the same table.  I remember once when I was eighteen years old and had a big argument with my dad.  We didn’t speak for months, but we sat at the table together every night. From that I learned that people can have disagreements but if we love each other we must find a way back to the relationship.  I learned not to walk away.

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