Let’s Take A Second Look

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Like the rest of the world, I, too, watched the meticulously planned and very well executed celebration of Michael Jackson’s eccentric and complex, yet professional and simple life.  Sure, he was different in so many ways, yet so amazingly like so many people that we know and care for.  Much has been made of his weird, childlike behavior, his undeniable ability to amass wealth beyond expectation, his equally hard to believe knack for creating debt that would exceed some small countries, his  proficiency and delivery of  some of the best choreographed dance routines and music videos ever seen by anyone of the readers of this blog.

What isn’t discussed much, at least until yesterday’s service at Staples Center in LA, is his raw, unabashed. unrehearsed, sincere love of people … all kinds of people … all colors of people … all ages of people, all religions of people … all people, period.   Speaker after speaker, all exuded the same message:  Michael loved what he did because he loved the results that it brought to others.  Michael loved making people happy.  And watching the numbers of viewers from around the globe, it was pretty evident that the people approved of what he was able to do for them.

MJ was generous beyond our wildest imagination … try setting the Guinness Book of World Records for most charitable contributions by any celebrity in the recorded history of donations. After Tuesday, I dare not think he did it for the notoriety; he did it because that’s what he was about.  Actually, the huge amounts of money that he distributed were a small factor at best for my conviction of his generosity.  It was the charity of his love for others that convinced me to take a second look at this new age phenomenon.

As I watched, in just a few short seconds, his daughter, Paris, so proudly and sincerely claimed her dad as the best there was. There was no doubt in my mind how caring and loving he must have been for her and her two brothers.   As she cried for her father, a good portion of the world came around to seeing and understanding a Michael Jackson they had never known before.

So often we make judgment calls based on what seems to be, but not on what really is.   If the ”King of Pop” was to be likened to another animated character other than Peter Pan, I would certainly nominate the Energizer Bunny with a slight twist … this one would simply keep on giving and giving and giving and …..


A Twitter Question

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Today I got a twitter message asking what was the reason for The Love Project.  Because I only have 140 characters to respond my answer was short but hopefully clear.  But what I would have wanted to respond if I had more characters to spare is; take a look at the front page of any newspaper and news website and the purpose of The Love Project will start to become clearer. 

For example today’s CNN.com landing page:

Latest News

Jackson’s will answers questions, raise more

Captured U.S. soldier reportedly sold to clan

‘Major operation’ under way n Afghanistan

Report: North Korea test fires two missiles

CNNMoney: Job market takes turn for the worse


How are we supposed to go out into the world with such news?  I don’t know about you but after reading the Latest News, I want to hide under my bed.

Why is that the extraordinary deeds performed by regular people every day don’t make to the front pages?  Wouldn’t it be great to have positive, inspiring news mixed in with the harsh ones? What if the latest news looked like the below?

Latest News

Jackson’s will answers questions, raise more

Cleaning lady puts daughter through law school

Captured U.S. soldier reportedly sold to clan

Starving African child shares food with friends

‘Major operation’ under way in Afghanistan

Today is hug day in America, step outside and get yours

With the above at least we have a fighting chance for a good day and maybe when we say “Have a good day” to others we might just actually mean it.


Chris Jonz And The King Of Pop

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“The King of Pop” …

 Is not dead!  Nor will Michael Jackson ever die. 

The world, and I mean the entire world, has been inundated with the man’s marvelous music, his eccentric lifestyle, dubious dependencies and other facets of what made Michael tick.

By now, you have probably gotten your more than fair share of things you already knew and things you would have never dreamed knowing about the music industry’s icon of the millennium.   From his first hit song with his brothers to allegations of his now infamous father’s choices of discipline, to dating Brooke Shields ­and Emanuel Lewis, to selling more CDs, “Thriller” to be specific, than any other artist in history, to his brief marriage to Lisa Marie Presley, to the innovation of dance that got Fred Astaire to wink and nod, to reaching philanthropic heights that would make Oprah blush it is needless to say that the man truly lived the life of an icon … and he did it within fifty very remarkable years.

As I write, plans are being rethought and rescheduled so that his literal millions of fans can bid him farewell and he, his deservedly rest in peace.  Yet after all of those tangential ceremonies and law suits and will disclosures and reissued best of Michael Jackson releases have topped the charts again and his children have grown and learned to fully appreciate their father … after all those things have come to past, Michael will continue to live on. 

Why?  Because no matter what we cheered for or jeered for, there’s one very significant factor about the man that will always be with us.  Some would find it difficult to step up to the microphone on this, but the simple fact is that people from every corner of this planet called Earth,   loved Michael.  Why?  Because he gave so much.   Whether it was in his music or in his choreography or in the number of figures he wrote on a check to someone in need … he gave his all and it was abound in love.  He gave us so many reasons to smile and will continue to do so as he reminds each of us that we are “the man or woman in the mirror”.


From l-r: Eddie Kendricks, original Temptations member, Marlon & MJ, Abner, Pres/Motown, Yours Truly and Cecil Hale, prominent dj from Chicago.


A Time To Reflect

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What a week!  I feel this vibe that the world is in shock.  Neda, a young woman who lost her life while taking a stance for freedom.  Farrah Fawcett who lost her life to cancer and Michael Jackson whose heart stopped beating when he was getting ready to resume his professional life.

They were also many other losses this week that we don’t know about.  In fact these losses were huge for the people whose lives were affected but we just don’t know about.

Every day all around us our neighbors and distant peoples go through unimaginable things; good and bad.

I remember when my husband was first diagnosed with cancer, walking around the streets of West Hollywood with the sun shinning and the beautiful people walking by me on their phones and in their immaculate outfits without a clue of the desperation building inside of me.

I remember thinking how odd it all was.  I was afraid of losing what was the most precious to me and nobody walking by me knew that.

I’m not blaming or suggesting that we all need to know everything that happens to everyone but I’m suggesting that maybe we don’t know where people are coming from.  What is happening in their lives and so before we react maybe we should be open to find out.  We should all take a pause.

I feel the world is in shock.  Environmental and financial changes, war, death.  I hope all of this will amount to an awakening to our fundamental needs; love, peace and stability and that we come out a little healthier a little happier.


Life’s Big Dance

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Every day is a day and a chance to live.  None of us know when we won’t get to laugh anymore with our friends and family or enjoy a refreshing breeze. 

Farrah Fawcett knew she would probably die but she continued to fight for her life.  Michael Jackson didn’t know that he’s heart was getting ready to stop beating.

I’m sitting outside and the birds are chirping and the sun is doing its dance as it casts its warmth on one side of the yard and then without warning withdraws its light and moves on.

And so is life.  Casting its light and then removing it.