Even Werner And John Brown Save Woman Trapped In Jeep

February 21, 2010 by  
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Evan Werner and John Brown save woman trapped in Jeep after multi-vehicle crash

Evan Werner and his friend John Brown, Jr. were on the Capital Beltway near College Park, Maryland when they saw the immediate aftermath of a tractor-trailer slamming into the back of a woman’s Jeep Wrangler on December 16, 2009. The Jeep had been shoved some 75 ft. and its gas tank ruptured and caught fire. The woman was trapped inside. Both Werner and Brown jumped out of their car and ran over to help. Werner knew something of Jeep Wranglers and Brown had a fire extinguisher. While Brown worked the fire, Werner tried to get the door open but it was jammed. He then jumped on the hood and removed the Jeep’s soft-top roof. Once done, Werner jumped inside the burning vehicle and worked to free the woman’s trapped legs. The flames had spread to the back seat. Werner managed to free the woman’s legs and helped her toward the open roof. Brown and another by-stander helped the lady out and Werner then crawled out as well. The lady was taken to hospital with a broken leg and/or hip.E