5 Reminders That Will Affect Your Life

September 26, 2009 by  
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I am actively working on affecting changes in my life.  I fully realize that I have within me all the tools I need to have a great impact in the way I feel on a daily basis.  I also know that my life is my creation and my master piece.  All the situations that happen in my life give me the choice in how to sculpt my existence.

None of us are different from anybody else.  We all want the same things we only go about getting them in a different way.

So I wanted to share with you the things that I’m now reminding myself of every moment in order to affect the changes I want and I hope you’ll find these concepts helpful as well.

1 – Slow down – The misguided idea that by not having a minute to breath we are accomplishing lots and so deserve some type of reward it is just stupid.  All we do is create stress and miss out on all the simple things that are the basis of real happiness that happen all around us without any appreciation or recognition from us because we just don’t have the time.   Even sex which is mostly free and if you have a partner easy to do falls in the, I don’t have time for it category.  How much time do you dedicated to explore your body and your lover’s body and experience love and pleasure knowing that if you did it would bring you happiness?

2 – Commitment – Whatever it is that we decide to put our minds and energy into should be done with full commitment.  That means no fear of failure.  Fear of failure makes us not fully commit.  Somehow we think if we don’t share with ourselves and others how much we really want something, we have the illusion that if it doesn’t happen we won’t look bad.  The truth is that without full commitment we are going after something with only half a brain and half a heart.  How many of us have actually seen others succeed because they declared to the world what they wanted and went after it with gusto?  Who cares what others think of our successes of failures?  What we should be caring about is stretching our personal boundaries and experience the best life we can for ourselves.  No one knows us and where we have been and what we want like ourselves.  The only person we need to care about in committing is ourselves.  As we don’t have a clue what takes for anybody to get something the reverse is also true.

3 – To Be of Service – Giving and sharing is the best way to get us outside our own heads and make us feel part of a community and to feel and that we have a voice in how the world gets shaped.  We can have a positive impact in the world.  That’s a huge thing.

4 – Live in the Present – The past has happened and the future is yet to register so the only time frame we can experience is the present.  By focusing on the present we can impact the future.  By focusing on the future, we missed the present and become very passive in the outcome of our lives.

I believe in the basic quantum physics concept that the past, present and future co-exist simultaneously.  But that is not to say that we get a second chance to re-do or to experience something in a different way because once the energies of the world shift ever so slightly that moment will never happen again.

5 – Love.  Let’s not ever miss the chance to love a friend, a pet, a neighbor a flower, a family member and a partner.   Giving and receiving love makes us feel safe,  protected and gives us courage to have a bigger life.