Association of Amputee Surfers Works With Disabled

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The Association of Amputees Surfers is a Non-Profit Organization made up of amputees, those related to amputees, and those who work with amputees and others with disabilities. Their mission is to Promote, Inspire, Educate, and Rehabilitate (PIER) those with disabilities, especially our veteran heros, through Adaptive Surfing and other fun safe outdoor activities that all can participate in.

The video below done by CBS news shows the AMPSURF ( in action.

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Doing Our Part And Being Inspired

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On Saturday, July 10th, I participated in a discussion at the Academy of Arts & Science sponsored by the department of labor, on how to increase opportunities for people with disabilities in the entertainment business.  Others there were union leaders (Screen Actors Guild, Writers Guild), television producers, advocates, and people with disabilities (PWD) who run prominent organizations that focus on supporting PWD, the secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis, and assistant secretary of Labor, Kathleen Martinez, who herself is blind.

It was a very inspiring day.  I shared thoughts with able bodied individuals that recognize the need for us as a society to improve the rights and opportunities for PWD as well as from people with disabilities who in spite of their difficulties have the fire in them to have the same rights just like the rest of us. Read more