In The Coming Year

December 27, 2009 by  
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Okay what’s going on?  Someone tries to blow up an American jetliner, somebody else dies at the age of 32, the arctic continues to melt and Christmas is behind us.

Some of us struggle to keep fighting for some idealistic view of a descent life; some of us couldn’t care a less.  The bottom line is: some type of reckoning will be coming soon.

This is not a rant of a dissatisfied citizen.  I have actually just gotten a new car, am painting the exterior of my house and am making plans for the near future.  Having said all of that I also have to say that I know some big things are coming our way.  I’m not being controversial by saying some difficult days are ahead.  Think about the environment, think about poverty and think about the fact that many of us walk around with a feeling of being disenfranchised.

The holidays are always very intense.  If you listen close enough you’ll come to understand your social reality; there are always the people that are too busy for you or the people that need you too much.

This is festive time and a time of endings and new beginnings.  And why not?  Checking in is always a good habit.

My Christmas’ eve was spent alone but I made sure I cooked an amazing meal for myself and that I opened a great bottle of wine.  Of course I realized I was spending the night alone but I also did not behave as a victim.  I realized my husband wasn’t with me, and I cried for his absence but I ate swordfish and drank a 2001 Nickel and Nickel Chardonnay.

Now Christmas day was spent with my in-laws.   They are adorably nuts, so always a good set up for a fun anything.

New Years is still ahead.  I plan to finish the book I’m writing before January 1st and I plan to make it a special night.  There are six chairs around my table and I want to fill them with friends.  I want to cook the best meal I can and I want to open wines and Champagne to accompany dinner and I want to dress up.  I want to make the passage of 2009 and the welcoming of 2010 an important night.  Why?  I’m not sure, but why not?  Why not make things matter?  Why not aim for the best and the highest?

But we all must realize that besides our individual lives there is a whole world, which we are part of, that is marred with terrible problems.  So planning to have a beautiful home, be good, successful, and have beautiful nights, is all well and good but what if our best plans get put on hold because animals are dying, oceans are rising, and farming is moving from one continent to another like a compass gone wild?

Even if we act from complete selfishness, we must acknowledge the emergency for our survival.

I don’t know much, but I do feel the urge to commit to a change.  No more useless social gatherings, this is an emergency.  No more pretend.  This is an emergency. No more chit chatting.  This is an emergency.  We all need in our individual capacities and as a group to commit to change.  We have the power to choose between surviving as we know or adapting to a free fall.

The holidays are here and they remind us that we are part of a world community.  We still have the opportunity to take action and change the way we are and relate to one another and the environment in a different way.  Let’s not become a second rate copy of some apocalyptical flick.  I believe in me and I believe in you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.