The Anatomy Of Love

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As we approach Valentine’s Day the world – at least the countries that commemorate the cupid’s day – gets divided into sections; people that are enthusiastically planning and shopping for a grand day , and others who hope this day goes by as quickly as possible.

I talk a lot about love because I truly believe connecting to this powerful energy source is the ultimate quest to living a life of wisdom and contentment.  But unlike many, I don’t equate love with just romantic love.  I actually think that many people who believe they have found love when they are in a relationship are actually unaware of what love really is and its life changing power.

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What It Takes To Love

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Just found the below article on and wanted to share it with you.

The post “What It Takes To Love Well And Wisely” discusses the transformative power of romantic love. That is because  in intimate relationships we get to show ourselves in ways we don’t  in other relationships.  We also get to know parts of us which are called upon in romantic relationships.

I believe for a romantic relationship to be “successful” we must first be a complete person; love ourselves, and have our own interests.  It is then we can be vulnerable without the feeling that we are losing ourselves.  It is then we can truly share without feeling we are giving up on our own lives.

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Grown Up Love; Distinguishing Love From Romance

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Angie Rubin

I have just come across the below article on and wanted to share with you.  What I like about it is that is shares my opinion that love has more to do with trust, friendship and appreciation than lust and drama.  Love seeks depth while romantic love seeks immediate satisfaction.  Love is build on a strong foundation while romantic love is associates itself with such words as: fast, explosive, overwhelming.

Love makes us feel safe while romantic love keeps us guessing.  Love teaches us it was existed within and it was just waiting to be found out.

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By Joan Konne,

Love is (a) champagne and high heels; (b) a passionate, china-shattering fight, followed by an all-night tango; (c) a constant, nagging feeling of insecurity; (d) none of the above.

I have been researching the subject of love all my life. First, unsystematically, as a girl, trying to follow the programmed prescription — seeking “the one” and living happily ever after.

Next I divorced and researched love as a woman, more systematically, confronting fantasies and failures, possibilities and disappointments, false starts, and at last, beginning 24 years ago, a love that’s enduring and nourishing — at least for the moment (I’ve learned never to take the gift of love for granted)…Continued