The Transformative Power Of Silence

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Below is a lovely piece by Amy Chavez on the significance of silence.

Amy lives in a tiny island in Japan, and because of the nuclear disaster, she is now living through rolling blackouts.  But what she talks about is how much we can learn to hear when we are actually in silence.

I have made my living by being plugged in.  I have spent a great amount of time online, on the phone, or talking.  I have always liked being social and being needed.  All the running around has given me a sense of purpose.  But, some years ago a shift started to take place.  I started to turn loneliness into solitude and reflection. Maybe it was age, loss or maybe even wisdom.  The point is I started to crave the quiet because in it I found myself.

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The Healing Power Of Silence

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I met someone today who had just come back from New York City.  As I lived in New York for 11 years we started to talk about life there and quickly we got into the subject of noise.  I mentioned to her that the last place I had lived in there was on Third Avenue between 26th and 27th street and my bedroom faced Third Avenue.  To people unfamiliar with Manhattan, a bedroom facing Third Avenue is like saying I used to sleep inside a washing machine while running on the heavy load cycle.   The funny thing is while living on Third Ave. I didn’t notice the noise.

It’s now been a good fifteen years since I moved to LA.  My first place here was on the beach where the sounds of the waves crashing down against the shore serenaded me at night and now I live in Silver Lake where the birds chirp me up in the morning.

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I Hear You

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Below is John’s writing.  He wrote it thinking about his wife who has recently past away.

Your voice is as subtle
as the sound of silence.
I hear your whisper
steady and intense.

Your breath is as natural
as the scent of fresh air.
I inhale and exhale
in meditation and prayer.

Your touch is as soft
as a swift gentle breeze,
I feel the chills
in one heart squeeze.

Your sight is as clear
as a crisp sunny day.
I have insight
when I meditate and pray.

Your taste is as pure
as water from a stream.
I am afloat
in the wake of a dream.

Your wisdom is as bright
as the truth you bestow.
I am inspired
by what you know.



Out Of Silence

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Video coverage of Fox News of Out Of Silence: Readings from the Afghan Women’s Writing Project.

It was a really moving night with amazing performances by all the actors:Summer Bishil, Nadia Bjorlin, Conchata Ferrell, Jodi Long, Nichelle Nichols, Teal Sherer, Bahar Soomekh, Nancy Travis and Marcia Wallace. Fred Ponzlov directed the night with profound honesty and allowed the words to hit us with full impact.

We heard poems and essays that talked about rights and freedom: “Where should I go to remove your footprints from my heart?” said one. And we heard voices that spoke of love: “I am fifteen and the boy I cannot forget waits on the street to see me with my burqa on the way to Lala’s bakery” said another.

For all the people that attended this live event these words served as a reminder of the freedoms we have and expect and inspired us to do more for those voices which have been quieted but not silenced.