Always Saying Everything Is Fine, Actually Hurts Us

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boy and the sky

There are two very strong reasons why people try to keep the appearance that everything is fine.  1 – Because we feel we are judged by how close or far we are to being perfect and having the perfect life.  2 – Because we feel if people knew certain things about us they would judge us poorly simply because “things” are taken at face value.

The problem with having always to put up a façade is that it makes us feel like we are hiding something.  It also gives us a distorted perception of life.  If everyone is doing fine or great than what’s wrong with me?  Why am I the only one feeling blue?  Or why am I the only one that is having difficulties.

Aaron Sorkin, the great playwright TV and feature writer (Social Network), in a Huffington Post blog wrote the following when addressing Sarah Palin’s joy in killing a Caribou: “Let me be the first to say that I abused cocaine and was arrested for it in April 2001. I want to be the first to say it so that when Palin’s Army of Arrogant Assholes, bereft of any reasonable rebuttal, write it all over the internet tomorrow they will at best be the second.”

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Unplug Now

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If we don’t unplug from time to time we’ll burn out.

Smart Phones, internet, computers, DVRs, Skype etc.  are all great.  The amount of information today is exceptional and the fact we can via facebook, twitter and many other social networks make “friends” and exchange information with the entire world is unprecedented.

The only problem with all of this is that many of us can’t go anywhere without always being in touch and some of us spend more time in the virtual world than the real world.  We are forgetting that relationships need to be tended to, and creativity needs quiet and space.

Somehow we are finding ourselves always falling behind and spending more hours trying to catch up with all that is happening in the world than ever before.

The truth is we do not have the capacity to absorb all the information that is being produced.  The truth is the world will continue on its march with or without us.  Individually we are not that important to the world and when we take time aside the world continues on.  So it is up to us to understand that running after the information highway without a break will just get us into an accident.

Nurturing our relationships with others and with our own selves enables us to have a more balanced and fulfilling life.  If we give our selves time to relax, think and recharge we can fill more satisfied today and actually have a more fertile mind to which engage with the modern world.