Cash For Clunkers

August 21, 2009 by  
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So by now, who hasn’t driven past the neighborhood auto dealer with a huge graffiti-cized sign very close to or directly on a dilapidated vehicle stating: Cash for Clunkers?  The bigger question is how many of us pulled over and asked for a salesperson to see if uncle Charlie’s 1979 Chevy pick up would really bring in $4,500?  Somewhere near the 3 billion dollar (not sure just how many zeroes to use, so I opted to write the figure) mark was the amount anticipated during this limited time offer.  Now, that’s a lot of steel and rubber.

How do you think you would react to similar signs, posted pretty much everywhere, proclaiming Cash for Heartfelt Compassion or Dollars for Unwavering Devotion or Money for True Love?  They would seem kind of silly when most of us know that money can’t really buy any of the above mentioned.  

All too often, we put a price on items that are just simply priceless.   Our material psyche kicks in and we, in our material world, tend to get caught up in material worth.     Of course, there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with that … what’s wrong is when there becomes a confluence of values placed on what we can hold (or drive) and what we feel (or really need).  It’s truly amazing that when look back on “the good old days”, it’s the feeling that we most readily recall, with the thing(s) usually placing second on the list of what was most important.  Uncle Charlie’s beat up Chevy represents the fun, the hardships, the good times, the bad breaks (no pun intended) … it’s more about what things do for us and not so much what they are to us.

It’s not that letting go of the clunkers is so hard, it’s what they have done for us is.  It’s the instinctuality of our experiences that we really cherish.  The more we wean ourselves from the things of this planet, the more we will have made meaningful contributions to a greatly improved environment.  Get rid of the stuff that gets in the way of true friendship, kind spirits and peace of mind … and let the sun shine in.  No longer should we aspire to green with envy , but green for goodness’ sake….