Finding Calm In Chaos

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There is much to be learned in the time of crisis.  What is important and what isn’t.  What we can do with and what we can co without.  Finding serenity in chaos. Finding love for others and oneself.

My dad has been in the ICU for the past two weeks.  While he’s doing a little bit better, the outcome is still uncertain.

But wait only a couple of weeks ago I was reflecting in what a good time this is for me personally and professionally.  After mourning the passing of my husband for the past two and a half years, I have now started to feel strong and happiness has come back to grace my heart. And professionally, this too is a good time.

When my dad first got sick, I got angry.  Why now? Haven’t I gone through enough? Why now that I’m feeling my life is finally moving forward? I had thoughts like: “All I want is to be left alone and quiet for a little while and just live my life.”

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The Close Relationship Between Work And Well-Being

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Found the below article on today’s Huffington Post.  It talks about a shift in what people are looking for in terms of work.  Whereas in the past financial compensation and power were key, today a certain amount of freedom and meaning are top of the list.

I think it is an interesting discussion because it points back to what we discuss on this site; that purpose and well-being exist in the exploration of ourselves and the relationships we establish with others and our environment.  The illusion that money and power alone could provide for happiness is being shown for what it is; short-sighted.

Many of us are pushing back to the higher demands being placed on our time and attention and are purposely carving out time for friends, family and solitude.

If you have the luxury to choose the line of work you can perform, than finding something that is more in line if you ideals of well-being should be something to pursue with enthusiasm.  After all, work has an intimate relationship with meaning.

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Three Things

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There are three things I am working on now and they are:

1                    – To slow down

2                    – Keep my ego in check

3                     – Be open for surprises

We live in a world where the busier we are the more successful we feel we are.  If someone says they are working on ten things we are happy if we can say we’re working on twenty. And if we can’t, we actually feel we are slacking off.  And so we run from place to place without being in the moment because wherever we are, we are already thinking what’s next. We also miss out on the little gifts life gives us on a daily basis; a word from a neighbor, a smile from a stranger, a beautiful day. Of course this is much more prevalent in urban areas.

Getting my ego out of the way is probably the hardest thing I need to do.  After many years I’ve finally realized a lot of my anxiety comes from feeling I’m either being taken advantage off or not respected.  My ego wants everyone to acknowledge my worth and treat me a certain way and when that doesn’t happen I get offended.  The truth is my sense of self-worth should be exactly what the word says “self”.  I should not worry if X or Y person does or doesn’t pay their respects as I would hope or think they should.  I have no control over them but I do have control over not worrying about it. How I feel about myself is a private matter.

Last of my top three is to be open for surprises.  We tend to pre-judge everything as a default mechanism for our own insecurities.  It is easier to dismiss someone or something before we actually have had the opportunity to experience a person or a situation. Dismissing keeps us in our safe zone.  But the safe zone is boring.  The safe zone keeps us from experiencing new things in life and having a much more varied life. Surprises are what allow us to see things from a different perspective and to experience life in a different way.

I still have a long way to go to master my top three but at least I’m aware of them. And when their ugly heads start to come up I try to take a deep breath and remind myself there is another way of living which I’m sure is much more satisfying.