10 Things I’ve Never Thought I Would Say

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1          –   I am a widow

2          –   I haven’t had sex in almost two years

3          –   I don’t feel lonely

4          –   I have two dogs

5          –   I am still working on my own masterpiece; me

6          –   I keep my husband’s ashes in my house

7          –   I still have a smile on my face even after all my losses

8          –   I love to write

9          –   I want to create a community of people that apply courage and honesty

to their  everyday life

10        –   I’m middle-aged


What Writing Means To Me

December 11, 2009 by  
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Meaningful writing comes from experience.  Not necessarily writing experience – although it doesn’t hurt to write often – but from life experience; to have lived enough to have something to say and to have enough humility to be honest and to want to share.

I have never written as much as I have been writing since a great loss in my life.  I now, more than ever before, feel compelled to share my own transformation.  To me what is the point of living, experiencing life if not to share with others?

There is the thinking that to be a great artist one needs to go through a lot of pain and stay in it.  I don’t agree with the quick sand thinking but instead believe in embracing life with all its experiences.  One doesn’t need to be stuck in pain to know it.

I don’t consider myself a good writer in the traditional sense of beautifully orchestrated phrases but I do consider myself an honest writer.  I am willing to share.  When I was younger I wanted to share because I was an exhibitionist (my life has never been subdue), now I want to share to give meaning to my own life.

I have no idea why every one of us at one time or another experiences loss.  I have no idea if there is a purpose to human life beyond its short existence.  I find solace in sharing, in writing, so maybe you and I can walk together and know we are part of a community;  the human community.